The Computational Biomolecular Engineering Lab, directed by Michael Schnieders, is focused on molecular biophysics theory and high-performance computational algorithms that are needed to reduce the time and cost of engineering drugs and organic biomaterials. A complementary goal is to help open the door to personalized medicine by developing tools to map genetic information onto molecular phenotypes.

Recent News

Photo of Michael Schnieders

Schnieders among five to receive Iowa Mid-Career Faculty Scholar Awards

Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Michael Schnieders is a leader in using physics-based simulation and modeling to understand protein structure, work that has important applications in areas such as genetics, drug design, and disease diagnostics.
Portrait of Mallory Tollefson

Imagining the possibilities of personalized medicine

Wednesday, March 2, 2022
Fifth-year Biomedical Engineering PhD student Mallory Tollefson is imagining the possibilities of personalized medicine. And when she says personalized, she means it.